Hangzhou Project
Release:2019-9-21 |View:2992

In May 2018, Tus-EST New Sanitation Waste Sorting Project officially commenced in Jianggan District, Hangzhou. In August, it won the bid for Xiaoshan District. Its service range covers about 200,000 households in Chengxiang Sub-district, Shushan Sub-district, Xintang Sub-district, Beigan Sub-district, and Ningwei Sub-district, with full coverage achieved at the end of October and the amount of daily collection and transportation of perishable waste reaches tens of tons. The data shows that of all the residential compounds where Tus-EST New Sanitation is conducting waste sorting in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, there are 28 sorting demonstration residential compounds, occupying 88% of the total number of planned demonstration residential compounds.

At the same time, a sorting data and information system has been established around the awareness rate, participation rate and accuracy rate as required by the government, the household publicity work is strengthened, and good results are achieved in incorporating publicity for the sorting into the grassroots party building work. PENG Jiaxue, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province, ZHOU Guohui, Deputy Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, XIANG Yongdan, Director of the Provincial Construction Department, TONG Guili, Secretary of the Xiaoshan District Party Committee and ZHANG Zhenfeng, Secretary of the Yuhang District Party Committee and other leaders successively visited the Xiaoshan project research site and gave their recognition.